Colebrook Blackwood Reconciliation Park

27 February, 1998

Colebrook Home was a children’s institution in South Australia for Aboriginal children. Colebrook Reconciliation Park, at one of the institution’s former sites, is a memorial to the children and families who were separated through sending children to Colebrook Home. Two statues – “the Fountain of Tears” and the “Grieving Mother” – have been created and installed there.

Key Organisations: Colebrook Tji Tji Tjuta, Blackwood Reconciliation Group, Aboriginal Lands Trust

External Links: Blackwood Reconciliation Group Facebook Page. Monuments Australia. City of Mitcham.

Further Reading: Atkinson-Phillips, A. (2018) Commemoration as Witnessing: 20 Years of Remembering the Stolen Generations at Colebrook Reconciliation Park. De arte. 53 (2-3), 103–121.


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