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Iconic Australian actor Sigrid Thornton (b. 1959) was in informal foster care as a child.

As a young child, Sigrid attended a small primary school in Queensland with only one teacher. When she was seven years old, her parents took her to England so they could complete their doctoral degrees.  

Towards the end of their time in England, Sigrid’s parents sent her to stay with family friends in New Zealand for nine months. For Sigrid, this was a happy adventure, but she later reflected on the pain of separation from her parents. 

As a teenager, Sigrid was highly involved in political activism. Her involvement in anti-apartheid demonstrations during the South African Springbok tour is featured in the documentary Brazen Hussies. At the age of eighteen, Sigrid made her film debut in FJ Holden (1977).

Sigrid Thornton has received numerous awards for her roles in film and television. Some of her more recent career highlights include a reboot of her hit show Seachange (2019), and the drama series Amazing Grace (2021). Sigrid has also performed in theatres in many highly-acclaimed live productions. 

Throughout her highly successful acting career, Sigrid has served as an ambassador for various charities and other organisations. Sigrid also advocates to the government and private sector to include more Australian stories in film and TV.

We have to be vigilant in telling our own stories that are very different from American or English or Scandinavian stories. They have their place but our local stories are great and need to be told. They are critical for the enhancement and development of our own culture and society (Have A Go News).


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