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Victorian MP (Member of Parliament), Jackson Taylor (b. 1992), spent time in kinship and foster care as a child.

Jackson Taylor was born in Dandenong, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria to Erin Taylor and David Pearson. He has two brothers, Oscar and Joshua, and is the middle child. The family struggled financially, and his father was often not around because of substance abuse and addictions. Jackson’s mother was hospitalised multiple times due to her struggle with major depression and bipolar disorder. The children often witnessed family violence and substance abuse.

“…members of Victoria Police were regular visitors… I remember the constant ups and downs, my mother having the entire house in darkness for months on end and watching her struggle through her mental health illness. It was ultimately her children who were her main support through the years” (Victoria State Parliament).

Jackson describes his grandparents as ‘quasi-parents‘ who “have always been there, even during difficult times” (Victoria State Parliament). Jackson spent time in kinship care but describes it as an ‘unsuccessful’ placement. Jackson was first taken into care early in the morning when police entered the family home.

Jackson describes himself as a strong-minded and opinionated child. He escaped from difficulties at home by attending Dandenong Primary School where teachers and other staff gave him the support and encouragement he needed. However, Jackson was temporarily separated from his school community while in foster care.

“It’s thanks to the opportunities I was provided by my public education that have, in large part, empowered me to dream big – like so many others, through the great gift of education” (Jackson Taylor website).

From a young age, Jackson was inspired to help others. His experiences of childhood adversity motivated him to pursue a career helping others. After finishing high school, Jackson spent five years working with the Victoria Police Force. He was a frontline officer and later became a police prosecutor.

Jackson first joined the Labor Party at the age of nineteen. He began serving on the Knox local council in 2016 and was elected Deputy Mayor of the council in 2018. Soon after, Jackson entered state-level politics. He is now one of the youngest members of the Parliament of Victoria.

In November 2018, Jackson won the seat of Bayswater by less than 300 votes. He was a last-minute candidate, who began campaigning less than a month before the election. Jackson was re-elected in 2022. As a Victorian MP, Jackson has worked tirelessly to secure funding for local projects, including hospitals, schools, and infrastructure. He is a member of the Integrity and Oversight Committee and Secretary to the Parliamentary Labor Party.

“I’m a big believer in seeing the job through – and there’s so much more to do. I’m committed to keep working side by side with our community each and every day, as a strong voice in a Labor government to deliver for local transport, education, healthcare, jobs and more” (Ferntree Gully).

Jackson has lived in Knox, Victoria for over ten years. He and his partner Tash have a cavoodle named Penny. They hope to start a family someday.

Jackson would like to see more young people become involved in politics by learning about local issues, raising awareness among others, and pushing for change on issues they care about. He also wants young people who are experiencing adversity to reach out for support.

“You are valued, you do absolutely matter, and we need to listen to more of you, more often.” (CREATE Foundation)


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