Support Group


The Care Leavers' Australasia Network (CLAN) was founded in July 2000, a membership organisation for people who grew up in Institutional Care.

Key people: Joanna Penglase, Leonie Sheedy, Frank Golding, Jim Luthie


The Survivors and Mates Support Network (SAMSN) was established by a small group of male survivors of sexual abuse in 2011. SAMSN provides support groups, training and support for individuals affected by sexual abuse. It also provides capacity building resources for organisations, and public materials such as a podcast series to raise knowledge and awareness of issues affecting male survivors.

Key people: Mr Rev Comrade Rowley

SAMSN is deliberately inclusive of all sorts of identities. . "Regardless of how you identify, whteher abuse happened in institutions,  or out-of-home Care or anywhere, there's an umbrella term that everyone can be part of." SAMSN delivers "courses and education that helped to transcend narrow definitions".  "We know who we are. However a survivor chooses to identify and wants the recognition for that, we need to be supporting to fight for the recognition of that identity. I've had to continue to fight to be recognised as a male, so I know what this is all about."


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Colonisation / European invasion

Before British colonisation there were hundreds of Aboriginal nations living in cultures of rich tradition which did not produce the so-called 'unwanted', 'friendless' or 'dangerous' children who European society opted to place in institutions and other placements apart from their families and loved ones.