Queensland Historic Abuse Memorial

Located at Emma Miller Place, Roma St, Brisbane.

In memory of all the children who suffered and of those who did not survive abuse in Church and State Children’s institutions and homes in Queensland. “For there is nothing hidden, except that it should be made known, neither was anything made secret out that it should come to light.”

Key organisations: Historic Abuse Network (HAN)

Bringing Them Home Report

A critically important text that paved the way for recognition of the Stolen Generations - the thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children removed from their families over generations of Colonisation in Australia. Written by the Australian Human Rights Commission as the Final Report of the “National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families”, which was the culmination of many years of advocacy by Aboriginal and Islander activists and survivors.

Key Organisations:  Australian Human Rights Commission

Who Am I?

A nationwide research project that focussed on recordkeeping and archiving practices for people who experienced Out-of-Home Care as children. It developed the web resource known as pathways, which eventually became Find & Connect. Key people and organisations: Cathy Humphreys, University of Melbourne; Gavin McCarthy, University of Melbourne; Shurlee Swain, Australian Catholic University; Leonie Sheedy, CLAN