Mullighan Inquiry (SA)

The Children in State Care Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of Sexual Abuse and Death from Criminal Misconduct—better known as the Mullighan Inquiry after its Chief Commissioner, Ted Mullighan—was presented to the South Australian Government in March 2008 after four years of hearings.

SA Memorial

Located in Peace Park, corner of Sir Edwin Smith Avenue and Brougham Place, "In honour of children who suffered abuse in institutional and out of home care."

Colebrook Blackwood Reconciliation Park (SA)

Colebrook Home was a children's institution in South Australia for Aboriginal children. Colebrook Reconciliation Park, at one of the institution's former sites, is a memorial to the children and families who were separated through sending children to Colebrook Home. Two statues - “the Fountain of Tears” and the “Grieving Mother” - have been created and installed there.