These life stories may contain descriptions of childhood trauma and abuse, as well as images, voices and names of people now deceased. If you need help, you can find contact details for some relevant support services on our support page.

Hundreds of thousands of Australian children spent time separated from their families in formal out-of-home care across the 19th,  20th and now the 21st century. A significant but undocumented additional number of children grew up in informal placements arranged by their friends or families but outside of out-of-home care provisions run by governments or private (often religious) organisations.

These biographies celebrate the breadth and diversity of Care Leaver experiences and contributions to community. They reflect the belief that experiencing separation from family during childhood has a lifelong impact but that, both as individuals and as a group, Care Leavers should be understood as much more than passive products of their childhoods.

The biographical database is under construction. The project team will continue adding entries through 2023.

Wherever possible these biographies have been developed in collaboration and consultation with the subjects. If you have an addition or correction for any of the biographies, please get in touch. If you would like to contribute your experiences or those of a family member (e.g. a grandparent or other ancestor), or if you have a suggestion for a person whose life story you think we should include, find out more about how to get involved.

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